Dental Care Croatia, List of dental service

HT1-01 HT The first visitation
HT4-01 HT Studio models - clay modelling in wax
HT4-14 HT Impression and check bite
HT4-18 HT Cementing crowns
HT1-06 HT Tooth extraction
HT1-08 HT Complicated tooth extraction
HT4-03 HT Dental holes curettage
HT1-09 HT Reconstruction of traumatized crown
HT1-24 HT Provisional Fuji filling
HT1-25 HT Tooth-coloured filling (small) - white composite
HT1-26 HT Tooth-coloured filling (medium) - white composite
HT1-27 HT Tooth-coloured filling (big) - white composite
HT2-03 HT Trepanation
HT2-10 HT Root canal treatment - tooth with one root canal
HT2-12 HT Root canal treatment - tooth with two root canals
HT2-11 HT Root canal treatment - tooth with three root canals
HT4-24 HT Curettage and Root planting
HT4-12 HT Splint of individual data from joint function and application joint
HT2-04 HT Plaque removal and tooth polishing
HT2-09 HT Plaque removal and tooth polishing (and Sandblasting)
HT4-10 HT Professional teeth whitening (splint)
HT4-17 HT Professional teeth whitening (one tooth)
HT1-29 HT Small Analyze (Overview, Analyze and examination of joint muscles)
HT1-30 HT Large Analyze (medical analysis of the skull and jaw joint with electronic measurements of joint function)
HT1-36 HT Functional analyze and diagnostic - one measurement (medical analysis of the skull and jaw joint with electronic measurements of joint function)
HT4-05 HT Functional diagnostics
HT4-22 HT Transfer face bow setting
HT4-23 HT Centric bite registration
OK5-08 TE – Straumann implants
OK5-19 Straumann Implantat Bone Level
OK5-17 Straumann Implantat SE SLActiv
OK5-18 Straumann Implantat TE SLActiv
OK5-20 Straumann Implantat Bone Level SLActiv
OK5-27 Astra Implantat
OK5-27 Direct Implantat
OK5-21 Dentium Implantat
OK5-05 * ST abutment angled (Implant superstructures)
OK5-09 * ST abutment narrow (Implant superstructures)
OK2-16 * ST abutment NC / RC for Bone Level – narrow
OK2-20 * ST abutment NC / RC for Bone Level – angled
OK5-15 * ST abutment synOcta (angled) + screw + cap for implants
OK5-16 * ST abutment synOcta (narrow) + screw + cap for implants
OK5-29 Astra abutment for casting (angled and narrow)
OK5-25 Astra Uni abutment + Implant exposure + screw
OK5-24 * Dentium abutment – narrow
OK5-23 * Dentium abutment – angled
OK5-13 * Cercon Balance small (abutment) for all implants
OK2-13 Straumann elliptic matrix
OK2-14 * Straumann ball on implants
FP2-41 ST Locator abutment h 2.0 mm 048.176
FP2-42 ST Locator cap retention - set 048.189V2
FP2-43 ST Locator abutment h 1,0 mm
FP2-54 Astra Locator abutment (per piece) - patrice
FP2-55 Astra Locator abutment (set for 2 implants) - matrix
FP2-56 Astra caps for Locator
OK2-10 Bio Gide membrane (Geistlich)
OK2-05 * ST Bio Oss + Bio Gide (bone end membrane)
OK2-15 Bio Oss 0,5g (Geistlich)
OK2-12 Straumann bone of 0,25 g
OK2-11 Straumann bone of 0,5 g
OK2-09 Straumann bone of 1 g
OK2-17 * Bio Oss 2 g (Geistlich)
OK2-18 Jason membrane 20 x 30 mm
OK2-19 Cerabone granules 0.5 -1.0 mm 1 ml (bone substitute)
OK3-00 Special overview
OK5-10 Service for installation of the implants
OK2-04 Augmentation of the implants or teeth
OK2-08 Augmentation of teeth per jaw
OK5-04 Sinus lift
OK2-01 Surgical tooth extraction
OK5-06 Cystectomy
OK4-13 Alveolotomy
OK7-14 Re-implanting
OK3-09 Frenulotomy
OK3-18 Incision of abscess in the mouth with a drainage
OK4-03 Apicotomy
OK4-04 Additional Apicotomy
OK4-12 Modelling of the alveolar ridge (pro Quadrant)
OK2-07 Surgical removal retained / impacted teeth without separation
OK2-06 Hemisections, root amputation
OK4-17 Hole curettage (per quadrant, with a splint - surgery)
MP2-01 Removable plastic denture (complete)
MP2-02 Removable plastic denture (partial)
MP2-03 Removable plastic denture (temporary)
MP2-15 * Removable metal denture (cast metal)
MP2-21 Joint connection (VKS 1,7; VKS 2,2)
MP2-23 Joint connection – Vario Soft 3
MP2-05 * Sports mouth guard
MP2-12 Bruxism splint
MP2-24 Michigan splint
MP2-28 * Individual placement of Michigan splint
MP2-25 * Orthodontic plates
MP2-26 * The splint according to individual data joint function
MP2-27 Studio model - arch pressure (situational)
MP1-34 Denture repairs
MP2-06 Denture underlay
FP2-00 * Element in Porcelain - individually modeled
FP2-50 * Full crown - Ceramic - individually modeled
FP2-51 * Zirconium crown - individually modeled
FP2-52 Zirconium crown with milling technic - individually modeled
FP2-53 Crown on the implant - individually modeled
FP2-34 Telescopic crown
FP2-31 Titanium-ceramic crown
FP2-03 Facet - ceramic (Veneers)
FP2-13 * Full crown / metal
FP2-19 * Gold crown + gold per gr. 1gr. = 240,00 kn
FP2-10 * Chromasit faceted crown
FP2-40 Provisional Chromasit crown
FP2-44 * Signum faceted crown
FP2-45 * Signum faceted crown or pontic (a temporary bridge)
FP2-16 Temporary bridge - per tooth
FP2-14 Cast root cap (+ atatchment)
FP2-15 * Cast (nadogradnja)
FP2-33 Straumann abutment screw
FP2-25 * Ankylos retentive anchor
FP2-39 * ST plastic cap abutment
FP2-41 * ST Locator abutment 2.0 mm h
FP2-42 * ST Locator caps (complete retention)
MP2-19 Chromasit facets repair
/ Dolder bar-
FP1-29 Milling technique